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A Bipolar Quiz Helps Diagnose if the Disorder is Present

A bipolar quiz can be the key to knowing if you or someone you know is suffering from bipolar disorder.  Diagnosis of the disorder is a tricky task and patients might live with it for years before recognizing it.

With growing awareness about the disorder, people are making conscious efforts to examine their conditions and are willing to find out if they are bipolar or not.  Taking a bipolar quiz helps diagnosis of the disorder to a certain extent. Online quizzes of various kinds can be taken for this purpose. These are divided into quizzes that determine whether the person is feeling only depressed or maniac or a combination of both.

People generally feel ashamed to reveal their mental condition and often there is a fear of letting others know about a mental ailment.  Access to a bipolar quiz can help a person understand if he/she has any of the symptoms.  Delay in treatment can result in serious consequences and might even disrupt the everyday life of the person due to the uncontrolled changing emotions.

The signs and symptoms associated with bipolar disorder can be determined through the various types of bipolar quizzes. The patient can monitor his behavior and the symptoms exhibited by him. Questions like whether any of the family members has bipolar disorder or not, whether he is being affected with extreme mood swings and whether they are being repeated at regular intervals in a cyclic manner, can be answered after taking bipolar quiz.

A Bipolar quiz helps in the diagnosis of the illness by providing patients with a self-evaluating tool. Often people themselves can ascertain if they should seek professional help or not.  Some of the more popular quizzes available on the internet consist of The Black Dog Institute Bipolar Online Test, The Bipolar Spectrum Diagnostic Scale, The Mood Disorder Questionnaire etc. They can provide a fairly good idea about the person suspected of having the disorder.

The 3 basic questions related to bipolar disorder that can be answered using the Black Dog Institute’s quiz.  It consists of whether the person experiences severe bouts of depression, whether there are a combination of high and low moods and whether the happiness seems to be hyper. This helps to determine whether the person is actually exhibiting symptoms of depression or bipolar disorder.

The Mood Disorder Questionnaire is another easy way of determining a patient’s condition and can be taken by the patient independently. This bipolar quiz takes into account the diagnostic criteria used by the DSM-IV.  The Spectrum Diagnostic Scale on the other hand is very useful in diagnosis of patients who do not exhibit the usual symptoms.

Though a bipolar quiz helps diagnosis and assessment of the disorder, professional help and treatment is the best way of getting relief from the illness.